Your Health and Vitamin C

Your Health and Vitamin C

People have long understood that one of the best nutrients for the health of the body is vitamin C. It stands out as an essential vitamin, with a large amount of incredible health benefits. Through time and a number of studies, vitamin C has gained the reputation that it deserves, being set apart as one of the commonly consumed vitamins.

What, then, does vitamin C do for the body? How does it benefit people and why is it so necessary that people get the recommended dose?

Numerous Benefits of Vitamin C 

There are a number of health benefits that vitamin C provides which include a boosted immune system and protection against illness, prenatal health problems, cardiovascular issues, as well as skin and eye problems. As science progresses and new studies are undertaken, new health benefits of vitamin C continue to be added.

In fact, it is believed that high levels of vitamin C may be the perfect measuring stick for optimal health, and that the ideal dosage may actually be greater than the current daily allowance. Studies show it is an all-encompassing nutrient, providing benefits in a number of essential parts of the body and conditions.  

Consider these incredible health benefits of vitamin C:

  • Immune Boosting

 Vitamin C reaches numerous parts of the body, providing an overall boost of immunity. The nutrient works by increasing white blood cells that are used to protect the body from infections, as well as by protecting the white blood cells from damage, which allows them to function better.

 Vitamin C also strengthens the barriers of the skin, which in turn prevents negative outside agents from getting into the body. There are also a number of studies that show poor health and longer healing time for those who have low levels of vitamin C, as well as evidence that vitamin C can reduce the length of cold and flu, while at the same time preventing them from turning into an infection.

  • Stress Relieving

 Evidence shows that vitamin C may be useful in reducing stress and healing the body from stress-induced health issues. As vitamin C is easily depleted from the body of the obese, the smokers, and alcoholics, and people that fall under these demographics are often experiencing a great deal of stress, the addition of high levels of vitamin C can undo the stress-related damage.

  • Stroke Prevention

Studies show that those who have higher levels of vitamin C have a much lower risk of stroke. Strokes are very dangerous and can produce a number of lasting health problems for those who experience one. By upping levels of vitamin C, the chance of stroke can be reduced up to 42%.

  • Slows Skin Aging

Those with high vitamin C intake have healthier, younger-looking skin. This includes a lack of wrinkly and dry skin, as well as an overall better skin appearance. Essentially, vitamin C has a positive effect on the skin cells, causing them to stay healthy and hydrated.

  • Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps to strengthen the body’s defenses. When boosting the immune system, the antioxidants contained within the vitamin protect the cells from free radicals that could cause oxidative stress, a precursor to a number of chronic diseases.

By boosting vitamin C intake, people are taking preventive measures against the invading free radicals that could cause a chronic disease. 

  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

 It’s a well-known fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death. Many studies have been done in order to learn the best ways that heart disease risk can be reduced. There are a number of factors that increase one's risk of heart disease, including high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

However, it has been shown that vitamin C can reduce these dangerous factors, therefore decreasing the risk of heart disease.

The Final Word

When we understand how vitamin C can help our body and take action on utilizing the essential nutrient in our lives, we are doing wonders to increase our health. There are so many amazing benefits of vitamin C, and researchers have merely scratched the surface of understanding. However, while they continue to learn about vitamin C, we can continue to reap the health benefits, helping us to develop strong and healthy bodies.